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Smart Factory Productivity Improvement Solution for SMEs!


By analyzing actual work images, waste is eliminated and work is standardized,

The convergence of standardized video and information and communication technology (ICT) realizes SMART FACTORY, the core of the 4th industrial revolution.


GOOD SOFTWARE, V&V Certification

Productivity improvement S/W development through dynamic analysis

비디오 카메라
두 노동자와 공장 바닥

Factories can improve manufacturing productivity by creating quantitative and objective analysis data

in order to easily detect waste in manufacturing sites.
The most important thing in field improvement activities is to remove waste by accurately measuring and analyzing the situation on site.

It is a tool that efficiently supports the interactive improvement process such as shooting video of the manufacturing process -> site analysis -> improvement plan -> simulation -> field application.

ZELOSS-MIS solution for small and medium-sized businesses


Title of Invention [Patent No. 10-1245231]
Motion analysis method using moving picture and recording medium on which the program is recorded

​Process improvement / productivity improvement consulting

빈 공장

Focus on on-site productivity
Operation Consulting Specialization

ZELOSS video analysis

TOOL-centered practical consulting

small business  Coupon system consulting

Securing unlimited customer resources


IT-linked integrated consulting

Participation in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) health examination project

Linked consulting

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