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  In the era of the 4th industrial revolution, we strive to make high-quality sealing products that provide comfort and safety

to our Global Partners through the upgrading of the smart factory.

We spare no efforts and expenses in researching eco-friendly materials, and broadly employs TPU MATERIAL,

a differentiated eco-friendly material , which is strong in high temperature, high pressure, and hardness

while it pollutes less than other available options

Seal Division

Unique Seals


SJ Tech's sealing technology is widely used in extreme environments such as agriculture, construction, forestry, and mining.


SJ Tech's seals operate over a wide range of pressures and temperatures to withstand dust and moisture, along with corrosive greases and fluids inside and outside pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders.


SJ Tech's raw materials are extremely wear-resistant and their low-friction properties provide ideal results for rotating solutions.


We provide long-lasting sealing solutions to ensure machine performance. Low friction rotary seals are optimized for equipment requiring long-term operation and provide excellent rotational and vibrational capability that requires lubrication. The rotary seal is made of engineering plastic-based ultra-high molecular material and NBR material suitable for high pressure.

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