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SJ TECH is actively participating in ESG management with respect for humanity, consideration and contribution to society through the creation of a pleasant working environment and by preparing an efficient implementation plan for 2050 carbon neutrality.
'Eco-friendliness' is currently the most important value in ESG, which global companies are striving to put into practice.
Accordingly, SJ TECH plans to contribute to sustainability and future values by establishing a complete ESG management system.

environmental protection


SJ Tech and its partners are actively participating in the efficient realization of carbon neutrality.

social contribution


SJ Tech aims at a sense of community that has a positive impact on society, with creative and innovative businesses that bring happiness for everyone

ethical management


SJ Tech is a company which meets the standards of the new era and we strive toconduct a people centered management.

SJ Tech management transformation





Corporate Social Responsibility


Creating Shared Value


Environment, Social, Governance

Inter-Korean industrial exchange and cooperation
Social Donations and Sponsorship
School education and training support
Support for Researchers' Tuition

IT community and university education Support
Cultivation and employment of joint IT talents in the local community
Start Up Support 
Fostering in-house ventures

Established eco-friendly electric vehicle division
MEV-100 multi-purpose electric vehicle development
Battery pack & BMS new energy business development
Fostering battery reuse/recycling business
Development of raw material reuse/recycling process
Fostering and hiring talents linked to meister/specialized high schools
Lifelong education through participation in various talent nurturing programs
Improving the working environment through smart factories
Developing e-mobility for the socially disadvantaged people (e.g. electric wheelchairs)
Transparent business operation and employment with gender equality

SJ Tech's Crisis Management

After the financial crisis in 1996

- Creation of IT business as a new growth engine through manufacturing-based service business (transitioned BM under the new name Smart Jump in 1997)
- Entrance into the global market as an export enterprise (ODM partnership with PARKER for SEAL business in 1998)
- Industry-academic cooperation with universities for human resource development (Korea Polytechnic University contract since 2001)
- Participated in the Kaesong Industrial Complex project, a symbol of inter-Korean economic cooperation (established as the No. 1 registered corporation in the Kaesong Industrial Complex since 2004) 
- Selected as a specialized company for parts and materials new products development (SJ Tech established a technology research center dedicated to parts and materials development in 2005)

After the global financial crisis in 2007

- Selected as a technologically innovative SME with technological competitiveness through R&D (certified as Innobiz company in 2008) 
- Selected as an excellent company in technology and management innovation based on the Act on Special Measures for the Promotion of Venture Businesses (Venture Business Certification in 2009)
- Designated as an excellent manufacturing technology research center by recognition of TPU new material and DIMPLE processing technology (selected by ATC in 2010)
- Development of corporate diagnosis solution using VR/AR technology (established ICT Convergence Research Center for ZELOSS development in 2011)
- Selected as an IP star company fostering company (designated as a knowledge industry center in 2015)
- Signed a contract with an excellent company for the work-study parallel system (Human Resources Development Service of Korea in 2015)

After the closure of the Kaesong Industrial Complex in 2016

- Started the development of eco-friendly electric vehicles with the establishment of the E-Mobility Division (requested by an organization affiliated with the Ministry of Science and Technology in China in 2016)
- Entered the Gangwon e-mobility cluster as an alternative plant for the Kaesong Industrial Complex (investment agreement signed in 2017)
- Star company by contributing to Gangwon e-mobility business  Selected (certified as a star company in 2019)
- Selected as a global IP star company fostering company (designated by Gangwon Economic Promotion Agency in 2020)
- Selected as an agency for AI voucher support project (designated by the Ministry of Science and ICT in 2021)
- Selected as a support project for the advancement of smart factory (designated by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups in 2021)





Acquisition of French electric vehicle manufacturer Mia automobile technology

Continuous promotion of eco-friendly  e-mobility business

Powered by batteries without the use of fossil fuels

Development of possible eco-friendly product MEV-100

Implementation of the

work-study parallel system

Meister specialized high school students

Creation of jobs for the youth, such as preferential employment

Work Evaluation based on individ. abilities,

Regularly holding information & knowledge exchange seminars

Not only in the laboratory, but also in the factories of each branch

Conducting regular meetings according to the needs of employees

Production and manufacturing management policy 3Jeong 5S


Original Products

Correct Amounts

Correct   Positions



Seiri /



Seidon /

Set in order


Seiso /



Seiketsu /



Shitsuke /


We strive to eliminate waste and improve the work environment by advocating for the 3 Jeong 5S,

the manufacturing business management method first started in Japan.

A monthly schedule is distributed to each group to check the work environment management scale,

and a prize worth 2 million won is awarded to the excellent group.

All employees can participate voluntarily, which helps to motivate work and improve production efficiency.

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